Winter Pressures

Technology Solutions that enable new ways of working to deal with Winter Pressure.

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Today, more than 1000 GP practices and NHS organisations are delivering and planning new ways of working, enabled by our unique transformational capabilities easily integrated with existing IM&T.

The relentless increase in patient use of emergency services is placing unsustainable pressure on NHS services, especially acute in winter months. Consequently, new ways of working that transform patient access to services and transfer of care between services are a major national priority.


Successful transformation is dependent on enhanced and new technology capabilities. They must be easily adopted and integrated into existing IM&T to enable commissioners and providers to transform service access, choice and utilisation by patients and the NHS

With over 25 years successful experience developing and delivering market leading clinical systems and integrations, our unique agile interoperability and integration toolkits and clinical workflow applications have overcome the barriers to effective integrated working and information sharing.

We uniquely integrate Primary, Urgent and Emergency Care to provide real time access to accurate patient information, outcomes, service availability and transfer of care. When combined with ‘coal face’ clinical judgement this ensures:

  • Timely access to services most appropriate to the Patient’s care needs/circumstances
  • Safe provision of appropriate and effective treatment
  • Safe and appropriate decisions for seamless transfer of care to other services
Winter Pressures

Meeting the Challenge Of Winter Pressures – Our Solution offer

The key strategy and focus areas for meeting the winter pressures challenge and managing A&E Demand was communicated by NHS England to NHS leaders in March 2017.  This Challenge presents a perfect illustrative example of how transformational IM&T empowering new ways of working can deliver a credible and sustainable solution to a recurring and worsening national problem.

Explore below each NHSE area of focus and the role our solutions play making them an operational reality.

Front-door streaming

NHS England is requiring comprehensive front door clinical streaming so that A&E departments are free to care for the most urgent patients.  This is likely to require a dedicated GP or Nurse Practioner team operating in A&E departments.  Black Pear can provide live real time access to the primary care records of presenting patients to help support this new model of clinical triage to make it safer and more effective.  

However, we can also provide live access to the appointment books of urgent care centres/GP extended hours hubs, so follow up appointments can be made for those patients who might need further medical intervention.  A Clinical workflow can be configured so that status updates and report of the attendance at A&E can be communicated to both the Urgent Care centre and the patients usual GP in real time.

Strengthen support to Care Homes

Black Pear applications are accessible anytime, anywhere on any device and can support care home nursing staff with access to book extended hours hub appointments or with referrals into other same day/next day responder services such as a paramedic home visiting service.  We provide community care organisations and Out of Hours GPs with two way interactive access to the patient’s GP record to ensure healthcare professionals have access to all relevant information.

Our Shared care planning services can better connect the wider care teams who look after care home patients with the patient’s GPs allowing for a ‘two-way conversation’ to better manage a patient long term care needs.

Implement the recommendations of the Ambulance Response Programme

electronic Shared Plans provides a range of special patient notes or care plan requirements and preferences to be shared effectively with the ambulance service and first responders.  Real time live access to the appointment books of urgent care centres and extended hours hubs provides crews the option to access these services instead of defaulting to A&E.  The same platform enables GPs (or others) to electronically refer into a same-day/next day paramedic home visiting service for frail over 65s, supported by live access to the GP record and real time outcomes and updates back to GPs with the option to auto notify the GP to take action.

Standardise Urgent Care Centres and make better use of evening and weekend GP appointments

Black Pear developed, with a number of GP Federations, a unique offer for extended hours services and other shared community services.  This provides live cross system appointment booking with a detailed patient clinical summary and automated outcome return with coded data from an extended hours consultation.  This also enables NHS 111 and OOH services to appropriately redirect patients and book them directly from their systems and services into appropriate services provided by urgent care centres.  This service is being extended into secondary care and A&E to help with front door streaming to provide a safe and effective transfer of care.

Increase number of 111 calls receiving clinical assessment in order to limit A&E Attendance

Integrations with the Adastra and Cleric clinical systems used by most of the NHS 111 services in England enables NHS 111 clinicians with live real time access to patient’s GP record coded information to assist in effective clinical triage and assessment.  Systems such as Adastra can use this to drive better informed real time clinical assessment combining quantitative structured record data with qualitative patient provided information. NHS 111 services can also have live real time access to the appointment books of GP extended hours hubs and the patients own GP Practice giving them the option to book same day/next day appointments with these services if they feel a patient needs to be seen by a doctor but does not warrant an A&E attendance.

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