Modular Technology  Building Blocks

Welcome to pyrusWorld! Everything you need to quickly create bespoke clinical apps, create shared care records an and connect clinical systems.

pyrus ~ Latin for Pear




  • Rapid Application Development framework for delivering web-based healthcare apps and forms
  • HTML5 based technology that works across all devices
  • Intelligent guided controlled workflows


  • A container for web apps
  • Unique interfaces onto GP and other systems
  • Enables context aware ‘read and write’ with clinical & Case Management systems
  • An Interoperability solution that uses desktop API's for when direct integrations are not possible/desirable


  • Proprietary integration framework allowing disparate systems to communicate
  • Based on  HL7 FHIR standards
  • ‘on the fly’  access to ‘read and write’ with clinical systems
esp era


  • Cloud based EPR using MongoDB
  • Permanent repository for patient records
  • Caching and synchronisation service for existing systems.
  • Sophisticated 'subscriber' based messaging engine for alerts and workflow notifications


  • Web Based electronic forms authoring tool
  • Provides Forms Library for rapid re-use and testing in other services
  • Quickly build clinical work flows and assign FHIR resources to data fields

Our Technology Partners

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Amazon Web Services

The MEAN Stack

MEAN is a free and open-source JavaScript software stack for building dynamic web sites and web applications. The MEAN stack is MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS, and Node.js.

Utilised by many of todays leading internet companies Black Pear is proud to help the NHS realise the flexibility and scaleability of the MEAN Stack whilst drastically cutting the total cost of ownership associated with many 'legacy' software platforms.


The Redcentric public cloud and public sector partnership is built around providing secure connectivity for N3/HSCN and PSN into the public cloud, giving users reliable, resilient and stable high bandwidth access to workloads on AWS.


Read our Redcentric case study

Amazon Web Services

Healthcare providers around the world are using AWS to deliver improved care to their patients. AWS reduces the time and effort required to run existing workloads,  while meeting the security and privacy requirements that you expect.  Being powered by AWS means that Black Pear can deploy customer solutions quickly and scale those solutions rapidly to user demand.

Black Pear Technology Benefits

Modern Web Based Technology stack
Black Pear are passionate about utilising the leading web based, open source technology platforms to power all of our NHS solutions. Unlike the current 'legacy' clinical systems that are proprietary, costly to maintain and even more expensive to update and adapt to changes in clinical practice; our technology is agile, and based on open standards, (HL7 FHIR) with a range of API's that make it easy to connect 3rd party systems and integrate care providers.

Wide Range of Integration Options for Different Systems
We have a number of integration options available to us depending on the use case and the legacy systems involved. Fundamentally our approach is not necessarily to replace legacy systems but to utilise them for the tasks they are good at and then extend functionality by layering and integrating our technology on top of existing systems.

Low Risk - Agile Software Development
The Benefits to the NHS are massive, by adopting this agile approach we can quickly stand up new applications that can be tailored to local workflows and locally commissioned health services. We can provide the right tools to support the clinicians who are at the forefront of todays fast changing clinical practice. We use Agile methodology when creating software to refine to your requirements and bring subsequent enhancements to the user experience in collaboration with real world users. This approach massively de-risks the process of delivering what can be complicated IT projects in both time to deploy and cost. We can respond quickly and deploy a 'first iteration' of a service for piloting within a few weeks.

Low Cost - High Value
The costs to develop and deploy bespoke clinical apps and workflows on our platforms are a fraction of what the NHS has traditionally paid for change requests to existing systems. In addition our technology platforms also mean that individual customers of the same application can have workflows tailor-made for them. We are less constrained by rigid technology roadmaps that stifle the ability of big healthcare technology companies to innovate.

How to FHIR your Tech Transformation

Black Pear were the first organisation in the world to deliver live patient services using the FHIR standard for health care messaging between clinical systems.

FHIR offers many improvements over existing standards:

  • A strong focus on implementation – fast and easy to implement (multiple developers have had simple interfaces working in a single day)
  • Multiple implementation libraries, many examples available to kick-start development
  • Specification is free for use with no restrictions
  • Interoperability out-of-the-box– base resources can be used as is, but can also be adapted for local requirements
  • Evolutionary development path from HL7 Version 2 and CDA – standards can co-exist and leverage each other
  • Strong foundation in Web standards– XML, JSON, HTTP, OAuth, etc.
  • Support for RESTful architectures, seamless exchange of information using messages or documents, and service based architectures
  • Concise and easily understood specifications
  • A human-readable serialization format for ease of use by developers
  • Solid ontology-based analysis with a rigorous formal mapping for correctness

Want to talk tech? Or discuss how to FHIR enable your healthcare interoperability projects?