How myHealthFile could improve Dementia Services

The current systems in place for the provision of dementia management pose some serious limitations, which could be costly to the patient, carers and the NHS.

Currently, there is no clinical decision support and with the absence of a prescribing module, clinical safety and effectiveness of treatment is at significant risk. Existing systems offer no interoperability creating incomplete records and pathway management across all care settings and points of delivery. System mobility is also very restricted, preventing the set up of new services to deliver improved access and care for patients.

All these omissions have huge implications with associated costs; costs in terms of health to the patient and financial costs to the NHS. There is huge scope for improvement and myHealthFile is the tool that could be the answer, the tool that could enable a single unified dementia record, linking seamlessly to existing systems. The mobile nature of myHealthFile will facilitate new services, bringing care to the patient and preventing the need for double data entry. myHealthFile provides a full EHR, with patient administration, clinical assessment, decision support and intervention systems, audit and reporting.

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