Revolutionising shared patient care

eSP (electronic Shared Plans) enables the live sharing of care plans between all carers responsible for a patient. eSP provides an agile and uniquely integrated service enabling health economies to layer onto existing ‘source’ systems a capability for easily and quickly creating, sharing and managing dynamic coded care plans for single or multiple conditions, built around the patients health and social care needs.

GPs or other healthcare professionals at any place of care can create a new plan pre populated live with information from the patient’s GP record. New plans and updates are saved back to the GP patient record to maintain the completeness and integrity of the GP patient record.

  • Intelligent notification services:
    On creation, instantly alert and share information with other specified care providers such as urgent care and ambulance services.
  • On care plans updates, instantly notify the GP or other carers of the specified changes they wish to know about

eSP is accredited as a Spine Mini Services client for PDS so that forms can be created outside the GP practice. Download ITK certificate

eSP is the foundation for an unlimited range of care plans and is currently being used to power an Electronic Palliative Care Co-ordination System (EPaCCS). This records patients' preferences as they near the end of their life, automatically sharing information with the ambulance service, urgent care, ED, Hospices and alike.

EPaCCS Service

  • Created by GP & auto filed into GP record
  • Saved to care plan repository
  • Auto notify EOL of new care plan or changes
  • Auto notify Ambulance service of same
  • Instantly available in Adastra
  • Available to all other health and care users
  • Updates instantly notified to GP or others (local rules)
  • Updated version saved into GP record with new codes

Integrated with all GP systems, Adastra and able to integrate with a growing range of acute clinical portals and Community systems, the solution is being used and rolled out in West Midlands, West Country and NE.

eSP is being used for a wide range of integrated cross organisational care planning, refrerrals and triage. Contact us to find out how eSP can transform your services.

Implemented in accordance with the National Information Standard ISB 1580.