eSP Integrated Shared Care

The right information, at the right time, in the hands of the right clinician.

Vital to effective care is the availability of patient information. At Black Pear our technology helps care providers to join up silos of separated data to produce a single truth. Empowering both patients and clinicians to make the right choices and decisions. 

Shared Care Plans Made Simple!


Data everywhere

Quite often the NHS is data rich but information poor. Key patient data that is critical to clinicians in order to make informed decisions is hard to access. Through our concept of 'curated datasets' Black Pear solutions can pull your data from any connected source system in real time at the point it is needed.


Seamless Integration

A single patient view on eSP can present multiple care plans and care records from a range of providers who are delivering care for the patient. GP encounters, community nursing visits, care packages from social services can all be accessed and reviewed easily.


Easier for clinicians, safer for patients

Black Pear eSP Solutions present clinicians with one single truth that is easy to access, either within existing clinical systems or simply via the web in any modern web browser. A range of alerts can be configured to proactively push new patient information to clinicians. eSP enables safer more efficient patient care.

Through our use of HL7 FHIR, eSP is highly interoperable and can be tailored to fit virtually any health and social care setting

Changing models of care, new ways of working and alike are all built on and aimed at enabling and empowering those planning and delivering healthcare, with the right information, in the right form at the right time, so those decisions provide the best outcome according to a patient’s current and evolving healthcare needs and the NHS’s capacity and capability to deliver the required services.

Despite some false dawns, certain approaches and solutions have achieved some success to date but with key capability gaps and cost penalties, which means NHS Organizations cannot yet achieve their operational transformation and service goals.

eSP from Black Pear is the only technology platform currently available to the NHS that allows clinicians to view a patient record composed of live data pulled from multiple systems and then write back the outcome of their consultation directly to those systems using the global HL7 FHIR standard.

Fast to deploy, our scalable shared care plan platform can be infinitely configured for a wide range of clinical applications and use cases that require the sharing of health care data in the context of a care pathway in real time.

Clinicians need to make informed decisions quickly and safely.  eSP helps to co-ordinate critical information around a patient from across Health and Social care providers in the context of the care being given.

"Certainly from a patient perspective when we've talked about the end of life shared care record, the response has been very positive and they are grateful to have a shared care plan that reaches across health care boundaries.”

- Coventry Palliative Care Team on the Black Pear 'Castle Register' service

Problems we solve...

Localise & Mobilise

Use eSP to develop locally designed plans and workflows. Our solutions fit your local operating model with full support for mobile devices

Powerful Alerts

Use eSP to implement a wide range of customised alerts for when information about a patient changes and is updated.  Tailor made for different audiences. 

Easy Real Time Updates

Use eSP to keep source clinical systems updated.  As information changes in a shared care plan eSP can automatically write clinically coded data back into a wide range of clinical systems.

eSP a powerful, highly configurable care planning solution

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