Extending Primary Care

Black Pear's eRA (Electronic Referral & Appointments) is a unique product supporting PMCF initiatives to extend primary care.  This web-based app with NHS IG compliance, allows GPs to view and book appointments within urgent care centres or care hubs. Seamlessly integrated with the GP systems, a clinical précis of the patient record is sent to the centre in advance of the appointment. Consultation outcomes are automatically messaged back to the GP practice for review before posting back into the patient record.


eRA aims to:

  •  Reduce waiting times for routine appointments
  •  Reduce the pressure on primary care
  •  Reduce A&E admissions
  •  Promote clinical decision-making in hubs
  •  Increase patient access, choice and convenience
  •  Increase capacity of hubs and practices
  •  Promote sustainable new models of care

Highly configurable

The availability of different appointment types across multiple hubs e.g. routine, emergency, telephone encounter, home visit, nurse clinics, allows flexibility for federations to use eRA the way they want, with the added option of booking from A&E/OOH.

Supports decision making

Sends a clinical précis of the patient record, supporting the hub carers to make informed decisions. Consists of significant past/current problems, active medication, allergies/adverse reactions, immunisations, latest BP, BMI and smoking status.

Seamlessly integrated

The solution is currently implemented in single and mixed economies of EMIS Web, Vision360 and SystmOne practices with EMIS Web sitting at the care hubs. Interoperability between systems uses HL7 FHIR.

Runs in the background

Within hubs, there is no requirement for anyone to access eRA. As appointments and patient records automatically appear within EMIS Web, clinicians simply use EMIS Web as normal to record their consultation, eRA does the rest.

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