eRA - Electronic Referrals & Appointments

Streamline multiple NHS services with a single online appointment book.
Automatically share patient data and return clinically coded outcomes to those who need to know.

The Single Online Appointment Book For The NHS


Highly Configurable

Set up and offer different appointment types across multiple hubs e.g. routine GP appointments, emergency, telephone consultations, home visits, nurse clinics and community outpatient services. eRA provides the flexibility for federations and CCGs to use eRA the way they want, with the added option of booking from NHS111 and OOH services.


Seamless Integration

The solution is currently implemented in single and mixed economies of EMIS Web, Vision360 and SystmOne practices with EMIS Web sitting at the care hubs. Interoperability between systems uses HL7 FHIR.  Integrations with the Adastra and Cleric clinical systems support most NHS111 services in being able to refer patients into federated and community services.


Decision Support

Sends a clinical précis of the patient record which is generated from the patients GP record to the clinical hub.  This supports clinicians at the hub to make informed decisions. Consists of significant past/current problems, active medications, allergies/adverse reactions, immunisations, latest BP, BMI readings and smoking status.

Supporting New Ways Of Working and New Models Of Care

The Five Year Forward View talks about Integrated Health Care and new ways of working. These new ways of working revolve around new federated and community based services often hosted from 'clinical hubs' using primary care clinical systems. Black Pear has a solution for these new shared services by addressing the first principles of ease of access.

Urgent Care treatment centres, Extended hours GP's, 'Pop-up' clinics, and home visiting services are all great examples, but how do you make it easy for other services to search for available services in a locality and to assess quickly whether those services have free appointments available for patients?

eRA enables shared services to reach their true potential and be the effective centres of delivering new models of care by enabling genuine integrated working and information sharing with GPs, OOH, 111, Community, Acute, A&E, Ambulance that allows these services to:

  • optimize hub capacity to deliver more services to more patients more effectively.
  • Provide the connecting ‘spokes’ to feed the hub services from all care providers.
  • Reduce pressure on practices and other services such as A&E.
  • Help GP’s focus time and resources on patients that need it most.
  • Enable wide range of services to connect to extended hours hubs, specialist community services and for routine primary care.
  • Drive service sustainability and viability by enabling multiple spoke connections to wide range of referral points for multiple services.

eRA is already facilitating over 5 million appointment requests and bookings every year across the NHS

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