Black Pear continues to expand

Another month, another new recruit with technical support whizz Steve Reay coming aboard to help bolster our troubleshooting and customer care.

The number of patients on our records system has rocketed from 0 to 8.5 million since 2015 so our support team is growing to ensure clinicians continue to get the best from our products. With Wiltshire the latest to sign up to Black Pear’s electronic Shared Plans (eSP), bringing 470 thousand more patients onto our systems, Steve is vital in keeping our customers happy.

And we know he is more than a safe pair of hands in this department having worked with nearly all of us at different meditech companies over the past 20 years. Steve said: “I know a lot of the guys from when I worked with them at previous companies. I was 18 when I worked with one of them – now I’m 38.

“That’s what’s exciting, we started on those with a handful of customers and saw them grow to have thousands. Now I’m with Black Pear I’m excited to see it take off; I’ve seen us do it before and now I can see us doing it again. That’s the outlook.”

Steve has joined Tiff Hodkinson in our technical support team ensuring new customers are at ease with our systems and troubleshooting day-to-day issues.

He said: “It’s been a steep learning curve since coming on board Black Pear. Especially using the cloud to store data – you think, ‘Crikey, the way this works is incredible’. If one server goes down it automatically knows and switches to another so you have no down time. It’s just incredible, people don’t realise what’s going on behind the scenes.

“Also, as a support worker it’s just so easy the way it’s laid out. It’s very simple, which means customers have fewer issues.”

Steve added: “It’s nice working with a team that all know each other. You know that when you do your bit, it allows them to move forward to and progress. That also means you don’t mess around.

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