About Us

Black Pear are passionate about helping NHS organisations and national programmes deliver better healthcare by leveraging the same modern open source technologies that power todays leading global companies.

Established in 2009

Black Pear was established in 2009 with a view to leverage the potential that tablet and smartphone technology could deliver for healthcare practice.

We started out creating mobile applications for healthcare professionals but soon realised that interoperability and information sharing from established core clinical systems to these new mobile devices didn't exist in any standardised and scalable fashion.

Drawing from over 25 years experience in IT systems and informatics, we built our own interoperability platforms to make our vision for connected healthcare a reality.

These are based on modern web technology, open standards and embrace the HL7 FHIR standard for  messaging between health care applications and clinical systems.

Today our solutions and applications offer an unrivalled level of integration and interoperability between different clinical and case management systems in the health and social care arenas.

Our Goal

Our goal is to empower commissioners and providers to more quickly realise the benefits of fast changing clinical practice for the benefits of patients, whilst better enabling the balance of demand and desired outcomes with the available funding for care.

We achieve this by helping the NHS exploit modern technology and standards to deliver, the high value sustainable services needed by the NHS and patients today.

We do all of this using a proven suite of agile technology platforms and toolkits layered onto existing IM&T providing unique real time contextual two way 'conversations' and workflows across applications, systems and services.

These tools allow us to provide clinically led, patient centric managed software solutions that seamlessly connect with existing clinical systems and services to improve patient care for a sustainable and resilient NHS.

Our Clients and Partners

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Leadership Team


Chief Executive Officer

Dr. David Jehring


Chief Operating Officer

Sean O'Mahoney


Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Dunmail Hodkinson


Chief Project Officer

Cheryl Cowley

We are supporting the NHS to deliver upon the Five Year Forward View for shared and integrated care

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